AGNIFORGE INDUSTRIES is an aerospace and defence product manufacturing company. We are dedicated to support the Indian government's MAKE IN INDIA program. We are based in New Delhi, India. We are dealing in drones, anti-drone systems, robots, communication systems, avionics systems, GPS recievers and many more. We are offering our wide range of products and services in all over India and other countries also. We are dedicated to become one of the best defence product manufacturer and we are also supporting the Indian government's initiative,"ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT".

Aerospace Manufacturing

We are dealing in manufacturing of all types of drones and we are specialized in combat tricopter and octacopters. We are also manufacturing drones for agriculture, mining, security and power.

Defence Manufacturing

We are manufacturing all types of drones, robots and communication systems for defence and we are also dealing in defence equipments like portable roads for tank and gps receiver and navigator.

Automobile Manufacturing

We are innovating new technology regularly in multiple sectors and we are manufacturing E-bike and E-car with highest efficiency.

Fuel Production

We have started hydrogen fuel, oxygen gas production and also started setting up solar powered setup for machineries. We are also making Li-ion and aluminium air batteries.

News & Updates
Agniforge Industries social media page has been created.

Vacancy open for embedded engineer: 2 posts.

Agniforge Industries started offering distributorship to local vendors.

Vacancy open for Software engineer: 1 post.

Our products

Featured Products

Explore our products and services in different sectors

Eco-friendly fuels and batteries

We are producing eco-friendly fuels like hydrogen and oxygen and we are also manufacturing a harmless battery Aluminium air battery which does not require any charging. If you want to explore more about our offerings. please feel free to contact us.

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We are manufacturing all types of drones in India. Our latest model Cosmos air-1 and Titan X is useful in all sectors and it is launched with long range transmission.

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Hydrogen car

Hydrogen car is the upcoming technology to save the environment and we are proudly contributing in the development of technologies in India. We are developing hydrogen car and soon it will be available in market.

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