Agniforge for Defence

Agniforge Industries, a leading player in the defense equipment and system manufacturing sector, is dedicated to supplying cutting-edge solutions that bolster national security. We specialize in designing, producing, and delivering a wide range of innovative defense products, including armored vehicles, firearms, communication systems, and electronic warfare technologies. Our commitment to excellence, rigorous quality control, and a team of experienced engineers ensure that we provide defense forces with state-of-the-art equipment tailored to meet the unique challenges of modern warfare. With Agniforge Industries as your trusted partner, you can count on dependable, mission-ready solutions that empower your defense capabilities and safeguard your nation.

Cosmos V2

Introducing the Cosmos V2 Drone: Elevate your aerial experience with 120 minutes of flight, thermal and visual cameras, a 20 km range, and the resilience of carbon fiber and aluminum alloy. Your perfect partner for limitless exploration and precision in the sky.

Hunter V

Introducing the Hunter V, a formidable asset for defense. With its rugged design, 5kg payload capacity, integrated 4K camera, and a range of 2 km, it's the ultimate surveillance and reconnaissance solution. Unleash the power of security with the Hunter V.

Swift Pro

Unleash the Swift Pro Drone: 60 minutes of flight, night vision camera, 5 km range, carbon fiber frame, and a robust 3 kg payload. It's the epitome of aerial excellence for missions demanding exceptional performance and security.

Rugged Training Drone

The "Rugged Training Drone" is a versatile quadcopter designed for training purposes. With a solid metallic body, it ensures durability and resilience, making it ideal for challenging training scenarios. Its impressive 2 km transmission range allows for comprehensive training exercises and ensures reliable connectivity, making it the perfect tool for honing drone piloting skills.

Swift 1 pro

The "Swift 1 Pro" is a versatile quadcopter drone equipped with a public announcement system, offering a range of up to 1 km and an impressive 40 minutes of flight endurance. It's designed for a wide range of applications, making it a reliable tool for various missions and communication needs.

Training Drone

The "Training Drone" is a practical quadcopter designed for training purposes. Featuring a lightweight and durable plastic body, it offers an excellent platform for beginners and enthusiasts to learn and master drone piloting. Its user-friendly design and performance capabilities make it an ideal choice for entry-level training and skill development.