About us

Agniforge Industries, headquartered in India, is a pioneering company at the forefront of cutting-edge drone technology and defense equipment. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation, with a focus on precision and self-reliance. Notably, we've introduced the first 'Made in India' drone RC system, showcasing our commitment to technological advancement. Our expertise extends to UAV mapping, leveraging DGPS, LiDAR, and satellite survey technologies to provide comprehensive geospatial data solutions for diverse applications. At Agniforge Industries, we're not just a company; we're a driving force of innovation, setting new standards and forging a path toward a brighter, more promising future.

Durgesh Nandan


Aeronautical Engineer

Madhu Songare

Managing Director, C.F.O.

Agriculture Scientist

Lt. Col. Sanjay Dalal (Retd).

Advisor, Investor, Director

Veteran Indian Army Officer

Hitesh Shakya


Embedded Engineer

Neeraj Kumar


Drone Engineer