Agniforge in Mapping

Welcome to Agniforge Industries, your premier source for survey-grade drones. We take pride in designing and manufacturing drones of the highest caliber, tailored to meet the exacting demands of surveying professionals. Our commitment to precision, innovation, and exceptional performance shines through in every product we create. With Agniforge Industries, you can trust that your surveying needs will be met with the utmost accuracy and efficiency, helping you achieve your goals with confidence and ease.


Introducing the Cosmos V2 Survey Drone: Engineered for precision and durability, this powerful drone offers a remarkable 120-minute flight endurance, equipped with thermal and visual cameras. With a 20 km transmission range and autopilot system, it's tailored for surveying applications, providing accurate data collection over large areas. Built tough with carbon fiber and aluminum alloy, the Cosmos V2 excels in demanding survey missions.

Swift Air

The "Swift 1 Pro" quadcopter drone is your ultimate surveying companion. Boasting an impressive 40-minute flight endurance, it covers vast areas with ease. Its 1 km range and public announcement system make it ideal for efficient communication during survey missions. Versatile and reliable, the Swift 1 Pro is tailored to meet your surveying needs, providing precise and seamless data collection.

Swift Pro

Elevate your survey capabilities with the Swift Pro Survey Drone. Offering 60 minutes of flight time, a night vision camera, a 5 km range, a robust carbon fiber frame, and a 3 kg payload capacity, it's the ultimate tool for precision data collection. Unleash its potential for surveying missions that demand exceptional performance and accuracy.